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5 Best Quiet Pickleball Paddles


Pickleball is one of the easiest sports to get into as a brand new beginner, but admittedly it isn’t the quietest sport! Depending on what paddle you use, each return can give off a loud thwack that some may find satisfying, while others may not. If you’re in this latter category, we’ve ranked these five paddles — the 5 Best Quiet Pickleball Paddles — just for you!

Quiet paddles all have one thing in common: their core. In this review, we’ll explain how the cores on all five of our picks do such a great job of absorbing noise and distributing shock, for not only the quietest but also the most comfortable games you’ll ever play! Quiet paddles are also the go-to choice for players with sensitive joints, and we’ll explain why!

We have plenty of other lists for you to check out if you’re looking for any other kind of paddle — browse our site and be sure to check out our Pickleball Paddle Ultimate Guide for even more pickleball info!

But for more on the very best quiet paddles out there, look no further than this post. Let’s get started!

The 5 Best Quiet Pickleball Paddles — Overview

5 Best Quiet Pickleball Paddles

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Parts of a Pickleball Paddle

If someone tries to tell you that they have a quiet paddle, they probably mean that it has a polymer honeycomb core!

The core is the part of the paddle encased by the two sheets of face material, and it absorbs the majority of the impact every time you hit. Polymer cores set in a honeycomb pattern ensure that the paddle absorbs both noise and vibration well, by nature of both the material and pattern!

The paddles covered in this review all have this core in common, but there are other factors that also make them great performers. The paddle face, surface area, weight, and grip also play a role in the paddle’s overall performance, of which quietness is only one aspect. And then, at the end, we’ll conclude with a series of frequently asked questions that will hopefully clear up any lingering concerns you may have about these paddles or pickleball in general!

Ready to dive in? Let’s do it!

The 5 Best Quiet Pickleball Paddles — Definitive List

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5 Best Quiet Pickleball Paddles — The Winner

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The Face

The NewFit Blur Pickleball Paddles take the top spot in terms of great quiet paddles.

NewFit Blur Pickleball Paddles

These paddles are constructed from a responsive graphite material.

Graphite paddles are particularly good at power shots, but thanks to the shock-absorbent core, hitting powerfully doesn’t necessarily mean hitting loud!

The Surface Area

Each of these paddles measures 15 ½ inches long by 7 ¾ inches, the typical size of USAPA-approved wide paddles.

NewFit Blur Pickleball Paddles

With measurements like these, they’re small enough to maneuver easily while still providing a very generous sweet spot on the face.

The broad sweet spot allows for impact to distribute more evenly, resulting in a quieter paddle.

The Weight

This paddle weighs between 7.7-8.2 ounces, so it’s a medium weight paddle.

NewFit Blur Pickleball Paddles

This is the best weight range for a paddle to be, since it’s not so light that it loses power nor so heavy that it becomes hard to wield. Thus, it offers the best balance between power and control.

Medium weight paddles like this one also make for the best quiet paddles because they are substantial enough to absorb the brunt of each impact but not so hefty that swing fatigue becomes an issue.

The Grip Size and Feel

The 5-inch long, 4 ¼ inch-circumference grip is pretty standard in the pickleball world because those are the measurements that seem to be most comfortable for most people.

NewFit Blur Pickleball Paddles

The thing that makes this grip unique is the specially formulated cushioning that encases it, reducing overall vibration and the accompanying fatigue.

The material itself is spiralized and contoured for an ergonomic feel.

The Core

As we mentioned before, these paddles have polymer honeycomb cores, which are both quiet and comfortable.

NewFit Blur Pickleball Paddles

When compared to materials such as aluminum, nomex, and wood, polymer core paddles are best at distributing noise and vibration.

This is in part thanks to the large-cell pattern that honeycombed polymer cores tend to have. So whether you simply prefer quieter paddles or require them due to joint issues like tennis elbow, this paddle is for you!

5 Best Quiet Pickleball Paddles — Runner Up

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The Face

The Prince Response Pro Pickleball Paddle is our next place winner — it’s got a textured, UV-coated fiberglass face, which not only helps you with your spin technique but also guards the paddle against sun damage.

Prince Response Pro Pickleball Paddle

That’s right! Unlike other paddles, this one can withstand the natural damage wreaked by harmful UV rays because it’s got a protective coating, kind of like sunscreen.

We’d still recommend you keep it in a case or in the shade when not in use, but otherwise you can be assured that this paddle will last even longer because of the protection built into it. 

The Surface Area

This high-quality paddle measures 15 ¾ inches by 8 ¼ inches, so it’s considered a typical wide paddle.

Prince Response Pro Pickleball Paddle

However, the shape on this one is a bit different than most other wide paddles because its sides are rounded. This shape allows the sweet spot to be even broader and impact to diffuse even more effectively.

So in that sense, you can think of this wide paddle as a cut above others!

The Weight

The Prince Response Pro Pickleball Paddle comes in two weight options: light (7.1-7.6 ounces) or standard (7.7-8.1 ounces).

The first of these ranges is considered on the low side of the medium weight spectrum, while the latter is on the heavier side of that same weight category. 

It’s up to you which is best for your specific needs, but we will tell you that heavier paddles offer more power while lighter paddles afford the player more control.

The Grip Size and Feel

There are also two grip circumference options to choose from: 4 ¼ inches or 4 ⅜ inches.

Prince Response Pro Pickleball Paddle

The former size is the standard in pickleball, but if you have bigger hands you might want to try the latter. The length is about 5 inches, with an XL option to extend it to 5 ½ inches. If you choose this option, you can use double-handed techniques to amplify your game.

The grip material is made of a perforated, cushioned material that absorbs sweat and impact.

The Core

Yes, this paddle has a polymer honeycomb core, but it’s extra thick on this model. That means that it can absorb and diffuse vibration and noise even better than other quiet paddles can. 

Prince Response Pro Pickleball Paddle

Thus, the player can consistently use strength-based shots without worrying about the increasing shock from impact.

Furthermore, polymer honeycomb cores tend to respond exactly the way they’re intended, making them the ultimate choice for players of all skill levels!

5 Best Quiet Pickleball Paddles — Third Place

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The Face

Our third place pick is the ProBetter Pickleball Paddle, another quiet, reliable graphite face paddle!

ProBetter Pickleball Paddle

Graphite faces give players superior power so they’re free to execute more power-based shots, like volleys, at will.

That isn’t to say that control is sacrificed — in fact, the core actually helps in this regard so that you get the best of both power and control with this paddle.

The Surface Area

This paddle is 15.75 inches lengthwise and 7.87 inches widthwise, the approximate measurements of a typical wide paddle.

ProBetter Pickleball Paddle

These kinds of paddles fit most players’ needs, since they’re easily maneuverable and offer a very generous sweet spot.

Furthermore, there’s a protective edgeguard that runs all around the face to lock in that sweet spot and make sure the paddle retains its shape over the long term.

The Weight

Weighing in the range of 7.7-8.1 ounces, this paddle is considered medium weight.

ProBetter Pickleball Paddle

Paddles of this weight strike the best balance between power and control because they’re heavy enough to remain powerful while light enough to handle with ease.

Such is true of this paddle, which has been specially made and weighed to absorb the most amount of shock but still be comfortable for the majority of players.

The Grip Size and Feel

The grip here is a little over 5 inches long and has a standard circumference of 4 ¼ inches. It should fit most players, but if you need to downsize or upsize, there are different options available to you.

ProBetter Pickleball Paddle

You can increase the circumference by adding overgrips, which will mold to the original handle and provide traction for your hand.

However, if you need a smaller grip, there is no solution for that except to switch to a paddle with a smaller grip.

The original handle is constructed in a perforated, spiralized pattern to allow for easy gripping.

The Core

This is yet another quiet paddle with a polymer honeycomb core.

ProBetter Pickleball Paddle

On this paddle, it is just as effective at mitigating shock and noise with every hit.

Furthermore, polymer honeycomb cores are good at giving the player a little extra control, since the absorbent material allows the ball to sink into the face a little further, stabilizing the ball’s trajectory on the way back.

5 Best Quiet Pickleball Paddles — Honorable Mention

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The Face

Next on our list is the set of two SLK by Selkirk NEO Polymer Graphite Pickleball Paddles!

SLK Selkirk NEO Polymer Graphite Pickleball Paddle

As mentioned in the name, they have a graphite face, which we’ve discussed as a powerful, resilient material to have on your side.

It’s the same high-quality graphite you’d expect from the Selkirk brand, and if you choose this product you get not one but two of these paddles!

The Surface Area

Each of these paddles is considered wide, at 15 ⅔ inches by 7 ⅞ inches.

SLK Selkirk NEO Polymer Graphite Pickleball Paddle

These dimensions mean that you’ll get a generous sweet spot on the broad face, but it won’t be so broad that it interferes with maneuverability.

That’s exactly what most players want in a paddle; in fact, it’s for this reason that wide paddles are considered the default size.

The Weight

This paddle weighs in the range of 6.9-7.5 ounces, making it a light to medium weight paddle.

SLK Selkirk NEO Polymer Graphite Pickleball Paddle

It’s a tad on the light side, but beginners and others not used to racquet sports can appreciate how easy it is to control.

The heavier a paddle is, the more innate power you’ll get, but then it gradually sacrifices control as it increases in weight.

The Grip Size and Feel

The grips each measure 4 ¼ inches in circumference and 5 ¼ inches long.

SLK Selkirk NEO Polymer Graphite Pickleball Paddle

The material is something called the SLK Ultra-Comfort Grip, a proprietary synthetic composition designed for optimal hand comfort during play.

If you need a larger grip than this, you can use overgrips to enlarge it to your preferred size.

The Core

Like all the other paddles on this list, the SLK by Selkirk NEO Polymer Graphite Pickleball Paddle has a polymer honeycomb core, perfect for quiet and comfortable play.

SLK Selkirk NEO Polymer Graphite Pickleball Paddle

The large cell polymer honeycomb pattern allows for effective noise and impact diffusion, so these paddles are great for players who struggle with joint sensitivities or just prefer quieter paddles.

5 Best Quiet Pickleball Paddles — Honorable Mention

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The Face

Last on our list is the GRM Graphite Pickleball Paddle, another set of 2 stellar graphite face paddles. Graphite paddles are built for power, so you can enjoy that in abundance with this pair of racquets.

GRM Graphite Pickleball Paddle

Like some of our previous picks, they also come with a proprietary edgeguard going around the edge of the face.

This is to protect the paddle from dings and scrapes that come with regular use.

The Surface Area

Each paddle measures 15.3 inches lengthwise by 7.8 in width, so they’re both wide paddles.

GRM Graphite Pickleball Paddle

Paddles from this size category tend to be best when it comes to the ease of hitting (due to the generous sweet spot) and the ease of control.

Plus, we’ll talk about these paddles’ grips in more detail in a moment, but basically the grip is a bit shorter than normal, leaving even more hitting area on the face. For these reasons, there’s a lot to like about these paddles!

The Weight

At 7.9 ounces each, these are solid medium weight paddles, which tend to be the best balance between light and heavy weight models.

GRM Graphite Pickleball Paddle

They’re light enough to be easily controllable but heavy enough to pack substantial power behind every shot.

Moreover, the weight is evenly and comfortably distributed throughout the paddle for intuitive play.

The Grip Size and Feel

As we hinted at earlier, the grip is ½ inch shorter than the normal 5 inches, so it leaves more hitting space on the face.

GRM Graphite Pickleball Paddle

The grip is 4.3 inches around, about the standard circumference. If the grip is still too small, we recommend you use overgrips to customize it to your preferred size.

Furthermore, the grip is cushioned and sweat-absorbent, with a perforated texture to aid in overall comfort, including shock and noise cancellation.

The Core

The GRM Graphite Pickleball Paddles have polymer cores arrayed in the honeycomb pattern characteristic of the most vibration and sound-absorbent paddles out there.

GRM Graphite Pickleball Paddle

Thus, go for these racquets if you play at a noise-restricted pickleball facility, prefer quieter paddles, and/or have joint conditions that are aggravated by too much impact.

These paddles should take care of all these issues!

Frequently Asked Questions

5 Best Quiet Pickleball Paddles

What Makes a Paddle Quiet?

The top determining factor affecting paddle volume is the core. It contains the majority of the paddle’s surface area and it’s the place where shock and noise originates.

The most noise-cancelling cores are those that are made of polymer and arranged in a honeycomb pattern (in large, loose cells). Plus, the thicker the whole core is, the better. All these features help the paddle distribute impact throughout the face before it gets up through the arm.

Having a cushioned handle is another thing that helps a paddle be shock- and noise- absorbent. The grip is where the hand meets the paddle, so it’s crucial for there to be additional padding to reduce the shock.

Although handles don’t play as big a role in the volume of each hit, they definitely influence the feel of the paddle in your hand. In some cases, it’s the handle that helps mitigate the most vibration.

Why Should I Get a Quiet Paddle?

Normally with wood, nomex, or aluminum core paddles, the plastic pickleball hits quite loudly. Every material produces its own unique timbre during a strike.

However, the volume of hits is a good indicator of the degree to which sound — and vibration — is being absorbed by the paddle itself. That is to say, these materials don’t absorb noise and shock very well.

But polymer cores do. Arranged in the honeycomb pattern, these cores are the best at absorbing and evenly diffusing impact because of the nature of both material and pattern.

As a result, you don’t hear as much noise or feel as much shock transference to your arm when you play with a polymer honeycomb core paddle.

That’s why you should consider them! If you’re someone who prefers quieter play (something to consider if you play in an echoed space like a gym) or needs a paddle that won’t irritate any existing joint issues you may have, then these quiet paddles are for you!

Are There Any Situations Where A Louder Paddle Is More Beneficial?

If you’re a player that likes hearing — and feeling — the satisfying pop of a louder paddle, yes! Some people gauge the strength of their shots based on the volume and timbre of the paddle as it makes contact with the ball. Plus, if there’s no external reason why your paddle needs to be quiet, louder paddles are absolutely fine.

Of course, every paddle is different, but overall there are no real benefits to a loud paddle when it comes to playing. In fact, quiet paddles are generally more comfortable in hand and gentler on the ears. And a quiet polymer core paddle can be just as responsive and easily controlled as a loud paddle.

What Player Skill Level(s) Can Benefit Most From Quiet Paddles?

Any! Quiet paddles are truly great for players of all skill levels. Beginners especially appreciate the superior comfort and feel of a quiet, shock-absorbent paddle. More advanced players, too, enjoy quiet paddles, since they tend to have longer games and need a paddle that’s comfortable for the entire duration of these matches.

Some Of These Paddles Come with Indoor/Outdoor Pickleballs. Is There A Difference Between Indoor And Outdoor Pickleballs?

At first glance, indoor and outdoor pickleballs may look identical, but they have some notable differences that set them apart.

Outdoor balls are heavier, made of harder plastic, and have smaller holes. These features allow the ball to withstand the rough texture of outdoor courts and the sometimes unpredictable nature of the wind.

Indoor balls, on the other hand, are made of lighter plastic and have larger holes in order to bounce better on smoother indoor surfaces. Gymnasium floors are smoother than the ground outside, and there is no wind to factor into an indoor game.

Note: Unlike pickleballs, paddles can be used interchangeably with indoor and outdoor games!

Are Quiet Paddles Durable?

Quiet paddles aren’t inherently any different from other paddles in terms of durability. That said, of course we’ve selected only the very best paddles for this ranking of quiet ones! These products represent a top tier of quality and should last you a good long time, factoring in regular wear.

In fact, graphite paddles — which include most of our picks — are among the most durable paddles out there, since being built for power means being very durable as well.

How Do I Properly Maintain My Paddle?

To properly maintain your paddle, keep it out of the sun as much as possible, since UV rays can create dead spots (the opposite of a sweet spot) over time.

We recommend keeping it in a case when it’s not being used, and in fact some of our picks from this list throw in complimentary protective cases: namely the NewFit Blur, the ProBetter, the SLK by Selkirk, and the GRM pickleball paddles.

Alternatively, some paddles — like our second place Prince Response Pro — come treated with a special UV protective coating so that it doesn’t break down in the sun.

Excess rain or moisture can also cause dead spots on pickleball paddles. So avoid playing outside when it’s raining, and even if you play indoors, shield your paddle from the wet as you go into and out of the facility.

What Do Edgeguards Do For Paddles?

Edgeguards protect the paddle from dents, scrapes, and reshaping as a result of contact with hard surfaces, like the ground.

Many people prefer paddles with edgeguards because they preserve the good construction of their paddle and are easier to take care of than edgeless paddles. All of our picks for this list are edged paddles.

Edgeless paddles, on the other hand, look sleeker because there isn’t a border around the face. But the main reason why some players opt for edgeless paddles is that there isn’t a raised edgeguard to interfere with shots taken from along the border of the paddle.

Are These Paddles Good For Players With Wrist Or Elbow Issues?

Yes! That’s a big part of the reason we wrote this list. Polymer honeycomb cores are the best type of core to reduce the shock that travels up a player’s arm, so choose your pick among these 5 great paddles!

Weight is another factor that affects how comfortable a paddle is to a person with wrist or joint issues. Generally, medium weight paddles are the most comfortable because they’re light enough to lift and swing but substantial enough to absorb a lot of impact. Among our picks, all but the SLK by Selkirk paddles are solidly medium weight!

Generally, lightweight paddles are more comfortable for people with arthritis while medium weight paddles are better for players with tennis elbow. But it’s up to you which paddle weight you find more painless!

Handles must also be cushioned to mitigate the shock of each hit. All of our picks have spiralized, cushioned grips designed for just this function.

To find the best paddle for you, we suggest you try out different paddles — of different cores, weights, and grips — at your local pickleball facility, to see which one works best for you!

Are Quiet Paddles Better For Playing Singles Or Doubles?

Both! All paddles can be used for either singles or doubles games. Some are a slight bit better for singles, and although this advantage is relatively negligible, we’ll outline it briefly as follows.

Light to medium weight paddles tend to be better with doubles games since wins are less likely to be made by power shots. That’s because it’s harder for a player to shoot the ball past a court covered by two players than by one. (Thus, you’re more likely to need more control in order to execute dinks and drop shots.)

Thus, the lightest paddle on this list, the SLK by Selkirk, will be marginally better for doubles games.

By the same logic, medium to heavy weight paddles are slightly better for singles matches since they’re more powerful. This consists of all the other paddles on this list. But feel free to experiment and use any paddle with any game type!


5 Best Quiet Pickleball Paddles

Congrats on making it to the end of our list of the 5 Best Quiet Pickleball Paddles of 2020! Now that you know what makes a paddle quiet and all the benefits that come with it, we hope you’re ready to add one of these to your racquet collection!

We’ve discussed the face, surface area, weight, grip, and core of these paddles and how they make for a quiet paddle that performs well on the court. What they all have in common is that great polymer honeycomb core, the most effective core at reducing vibration and noise!

And finally we had a brief question and answer section where we look at common questions surrounding quiet paddles and answer other general questions about the sport. But if you have any other questions, leave them below and we’ll get to them!


5 Best Quiet Pickleball Paddles

Have you ever tried any of these paddles before? What do you think of their ability to absorb impact and sound? Do you feel and/or hear the difference between paddles designed to be quiet and those that are not? Or, in your opinion, is there another quiet paddle we missed in our review?

We’d love to hear your thoughts! Learning from fellow members of the pickleball community is one of our favorite things. Leave a comment below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks again for reading, and see you in the next review!

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