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Selkirk Amped Maxima Pickleball Paddle


At first glance, you might be struck by the shape of this paddle — elongated and rounded at the top of the face. We certainly were! That’s why we’ve written a whole review dedicated to this one-of-a-kind paddle: the Selkirk Amped Maxima Pickleball Paddle!

This paddle ranked #4 on our list of the top 5 Best Lightweight Pickleball Paddles! If you’re familiar with elongated paddles, they might not be the first racquet type that comes to mind when you think “lightweight.” However, we’re here to bust the myth: lightweight elongated paddles can be as powerful and nimble as their other lightweight counterparts!

If you want to see what all the fuss is about when it comes to elongated, wide, or other types of paddles, check out our Pickleball Paddle Ultimate Guide! You’ll find all the details and more, all in one convenient place!

But if you’re ready to learn more about the unique Selkirk Amped Maxima Pickleball Paddle, read on!

Selkirk Amped Maxima Pickleball Paddle — Overview

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As we mentioned, the Selkirk Amped Maxima Pickleball Paddle is an elongated paddle — informally called a blade. The longer, narrower shape gives players extra leverage in the face as they go for more powerful shots!

For that and several other reasons, this blade can be just as powerful as a heavier paddle! We’ll talk about those other reasons in the body of this review, including its face, surface area, weight, grip, and core.

These component parts add up to the paddle’s overall performance and feel, which we’ll also discuss. And then finally, we’ll conclude with a brief pros and cons section so you have a nice summary of all these details in one place.

Ready to find out if this is the right paddle for you? So are we! Let’s dive right in.

Selkirk Amped Maxima Pickleball Paddle — The Basics

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The Face (*different colors available*)

Selkirk is a trusted brand in the pickleball space, and part of that has to do with the special materials they engineer for certain products.

Selkirk Amped Maxima Pickleball Paddle

For example, the Fiberflex Unidirectional fiberglass face covers this Selkirk Amped Maxima paddle.

Regular fiberglass faces are focused on giving players more control, but the additional unidirectional texturing on this paddle ensures you have a more consistent spin with every return.

On top of that, the EdgeSentry edgeguard that runs all around the face protects the paddle against regular dings and scrapes that occur with normal wear. The edgeguard will prolong the paddle’s durability and make your investment last even longer!

The Surface Area

Some elongated paddles have shorter grips in order to accommodate for more face area, but not this paddle.

Instead, it’s just a little bit longer than other elongated paddles, but that allows it not to compromise on grip or face.

Selkirk Amped Maxima Pickleball Paddle

This paddle has a total length of 17 inches and a width of 7 inches. Of the total length, 5 ¼ inches are devoted to the grip, leaving plenty of room on the paddle face for hits.

Ample room on the face also means a generous sweet spot! Since the top of the paddle is more rounded, however, the sweet spot might have an accordingly more rounded shape than you may be used to.

But once you get accustomed to it, you’ll find the paddle easy to control! Extra control will help you add elements of topspin and backspin to your game!

The Weight

Selkirk Amped Maxima Pickleball Paddle

Weighing in the range of 7.6 and 8.1 ounces, this paddle can be considered medium weight, but given how much more a pickleball paddle can weigh (up to 13 ounces), this blade is quite light.

That lightness makes it intuitive to control.

Its unique balance as an elongated paddle gives players added leverage when they go in to make strength-based returns.

So unlike other lightweight paddles, you can have both good control and power with this lightweight blade!

The Grip Size and Feel

The 5 ¼-inch grip has a standard circumference of 4 ¼ inches.

Selkirk Amped Maxima Pickleball Paddle

The material is the Selkirk ComfortGrip, which is a special spiralized grip that stays dry and cushioned through even the most intense matches.

This is the brand’s chosen grip for its entire line of Amped paddles, and it performs reliably across the board.

The Core

With the proprietary Polypropylene X5 Core, this paddle is both shock-absorbent and quiet.

Selkirk Amped Maxima Pickleball Paddle

The added thickness and large-cell pattern enhance the satisfying feel of playing with this paddle.

This breed of polymer honeycomb core also offers extra control, since its absorbent qualities allow the ball to sink into the face further before it bounces back.


  • unidirectional textured fiberglass is great for control
  • longer face can be leveraged for more power
  • comfortable grip
  • generous sweet spot
  • polymer honeycomb core effectively absorbs vibration and noise


  • a bit expensive relative to comparable models
  • face to grip ratio and balance may take getting used to

Not sure if this particular paddle is the right one for you? Take a look at the Paddletek Tempest Wave Pro Pickleball Paddle or the Paddletek Bantam TS-5 Pickleball Paddle. The Selkirk Amped Omni Pickleball Paddle and the Gamma NeuCore Compass Long Handle Pickleball Paddle are also really popular choices!


That concludes our review for the Selkirk Amped Maxima Pickleball Paddle! In conclusion, the paddle’s one-of-a-kind face, surface area, weight, grip, and core all contribute their own part to the racquet’s overall performance, which is pretty stellar in our opinion! If you need a quick refresher on this paddle, the pros and cons list will always be there to offer a helpful hand.

After learning all this, we hope you’re ready to decide what paddle you want to add to your arsenal!


Have you ever tried this paddle before, or one like it? How does it compare to others you may have tried, whether they were lightweight or heavyweight? If you’ve had the chance to try both wide and elongated paddles, what are your thoughts about them? Do you have a preference?

We’d really like to know! Chatting with fellow members of the pickleball community is one of our favorite pastimes — besides playing the game, of course! So let us know your thoughts in a reply below, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can manage.

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