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Franklin Activator Pickleball Paddle (set of 2)


If you’re looking for a paddle — or pair of them — that will give you the best possible value for your money, look no further than the Franklin Activator Pickleball Paddle! With this paddle, you (and a friend) will be ready to play right away. It comes in a set of two paddles PLUS two outdoor pickleballs!

The Franklin Activator Pickleball Paddle is our final pick from our 5 Best Cheap Pickleball Paddles of 2020 review, where we broke down five of the very best affordable paddles out there on the market today. All of them, including this one, are ideal for beginners, casual players, or anyone else looking for a good paddle at an equally good price.

To learn the pros and cons of different types of paddles — including wooden ones — check out our Pickleball Paddle Ultimate Guide!

But for now, here’s why the Franklin Activator Pickleball Paddle is such a great choice for anyone looking to pick up the pickleball hobby!